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Steven Kelley Bio

Steve received his first digital camera on his birthday, March 13, 2000. Since then he has his camera in hand everywhere he goes. Learning from the bad photos and being excited about the good ones. Sharing with friends and family over the Internet. Involved with online discussion groups about photography and uploading photos for critique by other photographers.  

Wedding PhotographySteve has worked to perfect his photography by collaborating with other photographers and learning better techniques as he developed his own style. Weddings, corporate or church events, headshots and nature are just a few of the types of photography he enjoys.  

Having strong support from family and friends, Steve has an eye for the unusual and framing a shot for the best presentation. Join Steve on his journey by watching his photos as they are posted on Send an email asking to be put on his mailing list to alert you whenever new photos are added.  

PhotographerPlease enjoy the  photos displayed here. You can purchase them  on line and order prints of any size. Steve would appreciate any feedback  about his work, as well as discussing any potential photo opportunities you may have coming up.

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